Discover The Simple & Effective Way To Crank Out Cash 24 Hours A Day From Any Website Or Blog By Adding Only One Line Of Code... Guaranteed!

Hi. My name is Daniel Joseph Moran and over two years ago I was banned from Google's Adsense program. No explanation. No appeal. But this seemingly devastating event turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It forced me find alternatives to earn money online. And it eventually led to my development of a text ad system of my own... EasyTextAds!

EasyTextAds is an advertising system that allows you to add 4 streams of income to your blog or website instantly with only one line of code:

Income Stream #1: Advertise your own stuff.

Stop sending your visitors and prospects to Google or any other pay-per-click network for mere pennies per click. Instead, send them to your sales letter and sell more of your own product or service.

Income Stream #2: Advertise affiliate products.

With affiliate commissions for many products running at 50% or more, this stream of income beats the pants off penny-per-click contextual ads.

Income Stream #3: Sell advertising on your site(s).

EasyTextAds makes it possible to sell advertising space on your own site or on a network of sites. The completely automated system gives your customers a self-service portal to create text ads, pay for their campaigns, and check their advertising stats. All you have to do is count the money!

Income Stream #4: Top Secret!

This optional income stream is so potentially profitable, I can only share it with you after you purchase your own copy of EasyTextAds.

EasyTextAds makes monetizing your site... well... EASY! And here's how:
  • You won't have to hire an expensive programmer or study a 300 page manual to use EasyTextAds. Installation is a snap and the 10 page quickstart tutorial and troubleshooting guide will have you up and running in minutes!
  • Connecting EasyTextAds to your PayPal account to sell advertising space on your site easy. Just set the sales mode to "Live" and enter your PayPal email address in the easy to use control panel. You're all set and ready to start accepting text ad orders.
  • EasyTextAds does not use MySQL or any other external database management system. Unlike some other programs on the market, you will not need to create an external database or edit any configuration files to use the software.
  • Bring your advertising customers back for more with automated renewal reminders by email. Whenever a customer's ad campaign expires EasyTextAds automatically generates an email to remind him to renew his text ad purchase.
  • Don't worry about off-color words and phrases making it into the ads displayed on your site. EasyTextAds includes a banned words feature. Just enter the words and phrases to block and EasyTextAds will keep you and your customers from creating ads containing those words and phrases.
I am absolutely certain that you will find EasyTextAds to be the easiest and most profitable way to monetize your website or blog. In fact, I am so sure you're going to love EasyTextAds that I offer you this guarantee:

100% No-Nonsense Money-Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed. Try out EasyTextAds for a full 8 weeks. If for any reason you don't feel it's the easiest to use and most profitable software of its kind, just contact me for a full refund of your purchase price... NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

There you have it. You could start profiting from your own private text ad network in just a few minutes from now with EasyTextAds. And you have nothing to lose with my 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, what are you waiting for? Click the link below to order your copy right now, while it's still fresh in your mind.

Click Here To Place Your Secure Online Order
For EasyTextAds - $50.00 USD

EasyTextAds System Requirements

The EasyTextAds software package will be delivered as an electronic download immediately after you place your secure online order. You will need a major credit card or a PayPal account to complete your order.

The software is delivered in a compressed ZIP archive. A ZIP archive utility program such as WinZip (Shareware) or TugZip (Freeware) is required to open the archive and extract the program files.

The software was written with the PHP scripting language. You will need a Linux web hosting account running Apache, PHP and the ionCube Loader utility. The majority of web hosting services support this configuration. If your current web hosting account does not support this configuration, I recommend you take a look at Hostgator or

EasyTextAds does not require MySQL or any other external database management system. You will not need to create an external database or edit any configuration files to use the software.

EasyTextAds integrates automatically with PayPal to accept payments from your text ad customers. You will need a PayPal account to make use of the automated payment processing capabilities of EasyTextAds.

PS: This low, introductory price is good for a short time only. Once my online payment processor removes the limits on my new account, the price will go up. So, don't wait... ORDER NOW!

PPS: You have all the facts. If you're happy working hard for your traffic only to sell it off for pennies per click, then skip this offer. But if you're ready to start earning the most money possible from your website or blog, then get your own copy of EasyTextAds. You could have it up and running in less than half an hour from right now. And the sooner you start, the sooner you'll get the results. So, don't wait... ORDER NOW!

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